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12 oz Specialty Grade Coffee, Guatemala - Dark Roast, Whole Bean

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Our most popular product, the standard 12 oz, Guatemala Specialty Grade Coffee, whole bean bags are known for their full-bodied, brown sugar, maple syrup, sweet chocolate flavor.

Grab a bag for yourself or a bag as a gift for the coffee lover in your life for a Christmas gift this year!

The often misunderstood myth behind "the darker the roast the stronger the coffee" doesn't apply to our specialty grade coffee. Our roasters take the time to bring out rich flavors in the beans that other roasts aren't able to achieve. Sometimes, with dark roasts flavors are lost. This certainly isn't the case with Gaderian Dark Roasts. You'll taste the chocolatey, slightly nutty flavors that any great coffee roaster aims for in a perfect dark coffee blend. If you're into this kind of thing and really want to learn about all the science behind how this works, check out this helpful article.

If you just want to try our distinctive dark roast, hit that Add to Cart! As always, 100% of our profits go directly to supporting our passion, coffee with a purpose.