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Single-Serve Specialty Grade Coffee, Guatemala - 500 Count

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This one is for the serious coffee lovers! Churches and businesses who like to serve coffee to their guests, we're looking at you too! Our largest available case of single serving pods, you'll receive 500 little cups of heavenly roasted love to make everyday just a little better. Share it with a friend or enjoy it yourself. Either way, you'll have plenty.

Our single serve pods are great for more than just the name brand machines. They'll work in any machine that accepts coffee pods and are available in several count options to accommodate coffee lovers of all sizes. Whether you're the casual, cup-a-day coffee drinker or you're serving a church full of people on a Sunday morning, we've got you covered! The larger count boxes are great for churches, businesses with waiting areas or anyone who wants to support our mission and passion, coffee with a purpose.

- 32 count
- 36 count
- 72 count
- 100 count
- 250 count
- 500 count

As always, 100% of our profits go directly to supporting our passion, coffee with a purpose.

Grown at over 5,000 feet, this coffee exhibits a full-bodied, brown sugar, maple syrup, sweet chocolate flavor.